Swansea and Southampton FC top of premier league payments

New research shows that Swansea City and Southampton are the best Premier League teams when it comes to paying their invoices on time, giving both a good credit rating with suppliers. The research by fin-tech company, Ormsby Street was conducted as many football clubs count hundreds of small businesses as their suppliers. The Payment Premier League was compiled by combining the figures for the club’s payment performances.

Managing Director of Ormsby Street, Martin Campbell said “If a small business wins a contract with their local football team then it is easy to let the heart rule the head, and just go ahead with the work regardless – people love the idea of working for the team they support.”

Campbell continued “But our analysis shows that just because a team is good on the pitch, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will be as strong when it comes to paying invoices on time. Not every business is as efficient as Swansea and Southampton at paying invoices.”

Other football clubs such as Sunderland and Crystal Palace prop up the Payment Premier League and Ormsby Street warns that small businesses should be mindful before deciding to trade with teams. The research provided insufficient data around payment performance from other Premier League teams such as West Ham United, Watford and West Bromwich Albion.

Campbell concluded “For the most part, English Premier League teams pay on time, but credit-checking customers and partners is something that every small business should do as a matter of course.”

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