Profitability of UK Companies: July to September 2016
23 Jan 2017

The Office for National Statistics recently released a statistical bulletin regarding the profitability of UK companies from July to September last year. The bulletin calculated the net rate of return on capital employed for UK private non-financial corporations related to their UK operations.

The statistics found that the net rate of return for UK private non-financial corporations was estimated at 12.2% for Quarter Three of 2016 and was down 0.1 percentage points from Quarter Two in 2016.In Quarter Three of 2016, the net rate of return for UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) companies rose to 1.6% after reaching a low of 0.06% in Quarter Two.The manufacturing industry net rate of return reduced from 13.0% in Quarter Two of 2016 to 12.0% in Quarter Three.Service companies estimated net return was 18.7% in Quarter Three and increase of  0.7 percentage points based on Quarter Two 2016.

These statistics report on the period of Quarter Three: July to September 2016 which is also the first full quarter since the EU Referendum.