Mayflower Bathrooms is a fast-growing business supplying quality advice around design and product selection for housebuilders, hoteliers and private homeowners in the UK and across Europe.

Putting quality first at Mayflower


Mayflower Bathrooms is also clear that they are not an internet-based, lowest price supplier; their service is personal and focused on adding value, with advice wrapped around products that they are proud to supply.

Mayflower is an expanding company and their MD, Nathan Legg, commented: “We have grown over recent years to a size where the overall value of our debtor ledger was reaching a value that made us think about insurance. However, it’s difficult for any product, whether bathrooms or credit insurance, to find the right partner to work with.

“Right from the start, when The Channel Partnership contacted us, it felt like we were in safe hands. The process was easy and the level of service was excellent – and we at Mayflower Bathrooms set the bar high when it comes to service!”

“The Channel Partnership visited us, listened to what we had to say about our business, where we want the business to head and how we like to run things. The advice given is clear and straightforward.”

The Channel Partnership is delighted to welcome Mayflower Bathrooms as a client and we look forward to working together for many years.

Finally, as a company rated “Gold” by Investor In Customers, The Channel Partnership is always keen to know how likely are Mayflower Bathrooms to recommend The Channel Partnership? As Nathan Legg comments, “Not only would I be happy to recommend The Channel Partnership, I already have recommended them to three of my close friends”.



“Not only would I be happy to recommend The Channel Partnership, I already have recommended them to three of my close friends.”


Nathan Legg, MD

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