Plantforce is an outstanding success story. Having worked with Plantforce since 2001, at The Channel Partnership we are proud to have supported them to grow from a £3.4 million turnover company to a predicted £17 million this year.

Providing security in an unstable sector

Credit insurance has been an important ingredient in the success of the business. Plantforce’s business model requires continuous investment and yields fine margins, and credit insurance helps to reduce the turbulence of operating in the construction sector.

Facilitating further investment & business growth

Trade credit insurance has also enabled stable investment in a hire fleet for the business, which has in turn helped the business to grow to be the leading construction plant hire company in the South West.

The business takes a proactive, long-term approach to supporting clients’ needs, and as well as a £12 million capital investment in equipment this year, has also looked strategically at how the equipment is used, and what causes the most delays on site. This has prompted investment in monitoring technology which flags when equipment needs to be serviced or parts changed, simultaneously supported by a team of on-the-road maintenance engineers who visit site to conduct services, minimising the downtime for clients.

Renowned for their continued capital investment in the latest and best equipment available on the market, the secret of their success is quite obviously a drive for excellence both in terms of people and equipment.

Plantforce’s attitude to business is simple but effective. In a fiercely competitive marketplace the team works hard to build a stellar reputation. Committed to a continuous programme of investment in cutting-edge equipment, Plantforce are equally committed to developing a team that cares about the projects their clients are working on – and who work to ensure maximum productivity for them.

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Bad debts would disrupt our cashflow and could upset our business plans. Credit insurance delivers security for the business and avoids us having to set aside a large bad debt reserve. This enables us to reinvest more cash back into the business. It helps with fundraising too – lenders appreciate the security and stability it provides as well as ticking the box of best practice.

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Claire Trott, Plantforce Managing Director

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