We're actually alright...
6 Jul 2018

Hugo Ambler-Shattock, year 10 pupil at Gordano School, has just finished a week’s work experience with The Channel Partnership and has concluded his time with us by delivering us a great new strapline for the business.

Hugo’s main task was to complete a project analysing our own internal data and filed accounts for each of our credit insurance clients to check our theory that companies use credit insurance as a tool to help them achieve higher turnover and profitable growth. Hugo’s report showed that in the aggregate, turnover amongst our entire credit insured customer base increased by 38% over a three year period and that profit for those companies increased at a similar level – 36%.

This is the first time that we at The Channel Partnership have been asked to provide a work experience opportunity and we’ve been delighted to have taken part and hope that we’ve provided a useful insight into the world of work for a 15 year old, year 10 pupil. As with any departing employee, we conducted an “exit interview” and Hugo told us that he’d “loved it” working with us and that it had been “hard work with a lot of support”.

At the end of the week, Hugo joined in a business planning meeting – as our year end approaches, we get all of our team together to look at our plans for the coming year and beyond. Hugo joined us for the meeting and when asked for his feedback on his week with The Channel Partnership told us that he had feared that working in an office could have been boring but that “you’re actually all right!” So we’ve now got a potential new strap line for our business;

The Channel Partnership

We’re actually alright.