All good stories involve a journey

It all started in 1992. And, despite being a quarter of a century ago, very little has changed in the way we work.

Some of our team (you know who you are) weren’t even born when we started helping companies manage their trade credit risk. (Some were there right at the start!)

More recently our name changed too, partly because The Channel Partnership reflects the way we work and partly because we like the sound of it. Oh, and partly because people confused our previous name, LDPA Credit Insurance, with LAPD, the Los Angeles Police Department. Seriously.

Today we offer the same great service we’ve always done – and the LAPD get fewer enquiries about trade credit risk.

The early years – getting the formula right

From the outset we set ourselves one clear goal: to help companies manage their trade credit risk. That has involved spending time with them; getting to know their business and who their customers are.

Back then one in two of the companies who explored what The Channel Partnership has to offer decided work with us. And today? It’s still the same ratio.

By investing a little time in you, we discover if what we offer is right for your business – or whether you need something else. Every company we speak with gets the same level of focus. So, even when we know our products are not for you, we sit down with you, talk through our findings, and work with you to make the right decisions about the way that you manage your trade credit risk.

In 1993 our former accountant described this approach as ‘madness’ suggesting it was a waste of our time and effort for no reward. Today we’re handling in excess of £7m in gross written premiums every year and have more than 250 clients – and we still ‘waste’ our time providing the best in advice to every company we speak with. We still send our former accountant a Christmas card.

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One in two companies take out our insurance. But they all receive 100% of our attention.

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The Channel Partnership in numbers


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an Investor in People


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Investors in People Gold!

Over £50m

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Specialist Risk Group

Our parent company, Specialist Risk Group, is a fast-paced and ambitious insurance broker, based in the City of London. The Group is split into four business units, providing a bespoke service to our unique markets and clients. The Channel Partnership falls under the Specialty Clients division; Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions. The other business units are: Miles Smith – UK Speciality Broking, TUE – International Specialty Broking and SR Underwriting Solutions – Specialty Underwriting.

Being part of the Group allows us to access specialist products and the Lloyd’s of London market through the other business units. This means we can provide our clients with a truly unique service and offer a range of exclusive benefits.

At Specialist Risk Group, we are governed by our mantra “Difficult. Done Well.”. We specialise in crafting solutions for specialist insurance needs that other companies actively avoid and solve problems for clients that other brokers cannot solve. We take a people first approach that empowers our staff and enables them to respond quickly to clients. Our people are offered valuable learning and development opportunities and ultimately, we aim to create an environment where we enjoy coming to work. We believe this means our people will always provide an outstanding service to our clients.


There’s tea in teamwork

Everyone works together at The Channel Partnership. We’re a small business, and teamwork is incredibly important. The cup of tea, then, has become incredibly important. (As has coffee, of course). We have moments together at the kettle, have a brew at our desks together. Tea enables us to chat, share knowledge and understand what each of us is up to.

We extend our tea culture in the support of our clients. Meeting up in person is the best way to share and exchange knowledge. And who doesn’t like a cuppa while discussing something dry like trade credit risk management?

So, just who makes and drinks the tea at The Channel Partnership?

Investors in People Mug

Investing in our tea drinkers

It’s incredibly important that we love what we do. In 2004 we became Investors in People accredited. It’s not just a piece of paper – it’s about really trying to make things great for our people – so that they feel great and do great work.

That’s why we were so thrilled to get IiP Gold status in 2019, which puts us in a select band of like-minded businesses.

What does it all mean? Well, in IiP’s words we’re embracing “workplace trends, leading practices and employee conditions required to create outperforming teams”. It’s our people that have become our hallmark for success.


Andrew Smith

M: 07932 567 900

“My background is in business development and I’ve worked for companies in a range of sectors. I genuinely believe in the service offered by The Channel Partnership and it is great to hear so much positive feedback from our clients on a daily basis. I’m committed to introducing that great service to as many other companies as I can. The best part of the job is really getting to know about our clients and how they’ve progressed over the years. Outside of work, it’s country walks, travelling and cars.”


Emma Goodfield

M: 07506 022 327

“I joined The Channel Partnership in 1999 and my passion for offering our clients the best possible service and advice has not wavered. After all, we’re all human and it’s important to know what makes each of us tick. I like that we’re not a corporate credit insurance business and that we all understand our clients as people. Getting to know clients is key and I really enjoy learning about all aspects of their business and watching them succeed in their goals – and I love to hear about their family life, too. Outside of work I have two young boys to keep me busy so I’m either cheering on my youngest son at football or in the kitchen with my older son; getting to enjoy his amazing cakes is pretty good. A good film and a bowl of popcorn is always a good way to end a busy day!”


Emma Vokins

M: 07917 686 282

“My main role at The Channel Partnership is making sure our clients get the best possible value from their credit insurance policy. It’s a role I take extremely seriously though I do like to get to know our clients so that we can share a joke and a laugh wherever possible! When I’m not working, I’m a ‘born again’ runner after a break of several years, assisted by a rather annoying 0–10K running app – and all going well! In training for Tough Mudder in May 2021 (help me!) and very much looking forward to the post-event celebrations (and shower…).”


James Nicholls

M: 07792 526 843

“Since joining The Channel Partnership in early 2019 I’ve thrown myself into getting to know our clients. With a background in account management, I’m committed to delivering the best service I can. Understanding each of our clients as individuals and getting to grips with their business objectives is key to delivering an effective service. Away from the office I try to stay active – I’m a regular at the gym in the mornings – but Doritos and dip in front of the telly is a more tempting option for the evening! I’ve completed a Tough Mudder event and enjoy kayaking, however a trip to the Alps has somewhat put me off the white-water stuff!”


Jess Doulton

M: 07584 102166

“I look after all things administrative at The Channel Partnership and make sure everything is operating as it should. I’m actively involved with all surety bond enquiries and involved behind the scenes with all new credit insurance enquiries. Basically, I’m the hub of the whole operation! When I’m not in the office, I’m either speeding around the racecourse or slowing the tempo with a walk in the country (mainly with the hope to pet some dogs)! I also love music – whether that be playing it, listening to it or singing off-key in the car!”


Rob Newsham

M: 07917 686 283

“The all important thing for me is that our clients get the best value they can from their credit insurance policy. While we work closely with the insurers, we never lose sight of the fact that clients appoint us to look after their interests. By nature, I like to get to grips with how things work; really getting in to the nuts and bolts. That fits well with the details (and small print) of credit insurance. Away from The Channel Partnership I spend my time coaching my son’s football team and taking my daughter to the skate park on her roller blades. When I’m not ferrying around the kids, I like to go walking and camping in the wilderness or drinking in the pub.”


Steve Watson

M: 07725 260 714

“I started with The Channel Partnership as an Account Executive back in 2003 and worked my way up to Director in 2013. My main responsibility is for the Account Management team, but I do really enjoy getting to know clients, understanding their needs and seeing their business grow. Out of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and getting away for the weekend somewhere near the coast in our campervan. I also enjoy running; I have completed 2 half marathons and am considering the 3rd… I am yet to convince myself that a full marathon is a good idea! I spend a lot of time playing taxi for my two children, both madly into gymnastics at club and South West squad level so the strip of M5 from Bristol to Cornwall is familiar territory.”


Tom Rolfe

M: 07889 659 339

“I’ve been involved with The Channel Partnership right from the outset back in 1992. My main focus is business development and I love the success stories of companies we have worked with over many years growing from acorns to oaks. I believe the cornerstone of what we do is to understand our clients’ businesses, and to ensure we can support their long-term success, advocating a solution-led approach rather than just selling credit insurance. Away from work it’s animals and gardening – we’ve got horses, dogs, cats, hens and bees and a never ending “to-do” list!”

Investing in our customers

The Channel Partnership is also committed to the continuous improvement of our service to clients. In 2021 we started working with Investors In Customers to get some honest feedback from our clients on how they view our service. It was a proud moment. We were told that we received “an exceptional set of assessments”, the second highest IIC score of all time, the second highest net promotor score (NPS) – that is, would our customer recommend us? – and the top score among all brokers who have ever been assessed by IIC.

The results are helping the whole team at The Channel Partnership focus on our strengths, and turn round any weaknesses, and use the power of insight to improve customer experience.

Want to know more?

It all starts with a conversation – whether that’s a phone call, a Skype call or a meeting over a cup of tea. No prizes for guessing that a meeting is our preferred option. It’s the quickest way for you to get the information you need. We’re confident you’ll find it worthwhile – even if our advice is that we may not be the best solution for you.

Can you spare the time for a cuppa?

Of course, there’s no obligation. Please fill in this form or just give us a call on 01275 817320.

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