Traditionally, Credit Insurance Policies are sold by ‘type’, giving businesses an off-the-shelf insurance policy that hopefully covers their business.

At Channel Partnership, we partner with you, work to understand your business, and then develop a bespoke insurance policy that actually meets your needs, for the same premium as an ‘off-the-shelf’ alternative. Importantly, credit insurance policies are significantly affected by the insurer that you are working with, because each insurer will specialise in one area of the market, and so it is important to pick a specialist that suits what your need. This is where The Channel Partnership come in, as we work with a wide variety of insurers, and can advise you on both the policy variables you need and the best insurer for you to work with. 

Our team is able to advise on all these aspects, giving you on the best form of cover for your business, depending on the type of trade you do, the weighting / spread of business with your customers, your current credit terms and the areas you are most at risk.

Whole turnover credit will cover all of your existing and future customer debts. Find out more >> 

Comprehensive Cover

If your business exports, export cover will protect you against the risk of non-payment from a buyer in another country. Find out more >>

Export Cover

You pick the customers you want to insure for, and specifically add these to your policy. Find out more >>

Customer Cover