Competitive Premiums through The Channel Partnership

The Channel Partnership is a credit insurance broker with specialist status, which denotes that we satisfy or exceed the standards set by UK insurers, including our product knowledge, policy management and presence in the market. 


Competitive Prices

We are a major player in the UK Credit insurance market because of the number, size and value of the premiums that we place. Our close relationships with UK credit insurers means we can create an individual policy for your business, at a price that cannot be beaten.

Tailor-made policies

Many companies use ‘off-the-shelf’ policy wording, which can leave a customer high and dry if the claim is not exactly standard. In our experience, businesses do not fit the standard policy wordings and so we specialise in creating policies that precisely meet the requirements of your business to make sure that the right cover is in place when you need it most; when a claim arises, you can be confident of payment, with no nasty surprises!