Firstpoint Logistics has a vision to shape the future of logistics with a smart delivery network that offers choice and flexibility for customers, using technologies that respect their people and the planet.

Looking after the pennies

Through both their nationwide network of professional couriers and continuous investment in technology platforms, they can offer SMEs fully customised UK & international delivery solutions with a level of service that they believe is unrivalled in the industry.
Their core message is that they can handle any delivery, anywhere, with exceptional and friendly service that’s backed by a bespoke tracking app for peace of mind. In their words, “we believe logistics should be simple”.
And they’re also partnering up with climate change warriors, Ecologi, on initiatives including carbon-neutral road transport. In January 2021 alone, they planted 450 trees and offset 24 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of 18 long-haul flights or 72 square metres of sea-ice saved. They’re also planting a tree for every consignment.
All of this can only be achieved by operating an efficient and customer-focused operation in a highly competitive business. That means getting all aspects of the business right – and getting it right every time.
Firstpoint recognises that they can only deliver on their vision and commitment if they are paid for the service they deliver. From the early days they recognised that good credit risk management is key to their business.
And right from the start Firstpoint realised that The Channel Partnership is not only a great partner for best advice on managing trade credit risk but also shares Firstpoint’s commitment to people and community.

Chris Standeven

I have always found The Channel Partnership a company that not only offers integrity and knowledge to support you as a business but are genuinely nice people that really understand what it is to partner with businesses like ourselves.
“I have always seen it fitting to give credit where credit is due (pardon the pun) but these guys have been exceptional in terms of supporting us throughout the last turbulent 18 months.”

Chris Standeven, Director at Firstpoint, in recommending us to one of their clients.

Here at The Channel Partnership it’s this type of recommendation that reaffirms that our approach
to doing business is the right one. We’re appointed to represent a client’s best interests in all aspects of credit insurance, and that’s why it’s a pleasure to build relationships and work closely with people like Chris and the team.
Our director Steve Watson sums it up nicely in our ‘brand book’:

“We’re all human and it’s important to know what makes each of us tick. We are not just a corporate credit insurance business. We like to understand our clients; we like to understand them as people. We aren’t on the planet to deal solely in credit insurance. We all have personal lives and we bring that human approach into what we do.”

steve watson

the channel partnership quote left

“These guys have been exceptional in terms of supporting us throughout the last turbulent 18 months.”


Chris Standeven, Director at Firstpoint

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