Initially launched as a Turkish manufacturer, producing earthenware items not available for import during WW2, VitrA has since established itself as a household name for ceramic sanitaryware worldwide, producing millions of individual items every year. Speaking to Tamara Harris, Finance Manager for VitrA, it is clear that the brand’s unique combination of heritage and contemporary styling has enabled it to become a distribution powerhouse, supplying 75 countries across five continents.

Supporting business cashflow

VitrA is an undisputed success story in manufacturing, and an essential contributor to the UK economy. Having worked with VitrA since 2003, at The Channel Partnership we are proud to have seen them grow to the £22m turnover organisation they are today.

The business has used credit insurance to support proactive credit management and reduction of risk, and has also benefitted from client cover in case a customer goes down the pan. In one such case, credit insurance has supported the continued cashflow of the business, without retained bad debt reserves preventing investment and expansion.

Guidance throughout the claim process

From the initial contact with the firm’s administrators, through to completing the claim forms, The Channel Partnership supported VitrA, informing them throughout the process right up until the claim was paid. This not only helped the cashflow of the company, but took away all the stress of completing forms and dealing with the insurance company.

Vitra Timeline

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Credit Insurance, and the support we’ve received from The Channel Partnership, has helped extensively with the whole process of debt collection. Not only that, but they’ve been able to guide us through the dread of receiving the news that one of your large customers has gone into administration. I would highly recommend The Channel Partnership to all my customers!

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Tamara Harris, VitrA Finance Manager

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